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About Healing Hearts Ministries



We provide counseling and God's healing Word to those who have been wounded by their past. Tragedies and afflictions such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, pain and hopelessnes. We share a message of hope and healing, offering God's peace to thousands of individuals.

Healing Hearts began in 1988 when Sue Liljenberg's desire to help hurting women started with small group meetings around her kitchen table. Sue's own story and journey to healing resonated with these women. Through word of mouth and much hard work, Healing Hearts has grown to serve both women and men in 31 states and 8 foreign countries. Over 9,000 individuals have been helped by Healing Hearts.

Healing Hearts Ministries can be found in women's correctional facilities, crisis pregnancy centers and in many churches across the country. Many wounded individuals have completed our studies in a small group setting or online via our interactive website. The positive impact often extends to other areas of people's lives, creating healthier marriages and restoring families.

To learn more about Healing Hearts Ministries go to: www.healinghearts.org