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About the Artists and the Heart Pendants


Each heart bead is handmade by lampwork bead artist, Annie Shook, of Holland, Michigan and is a unique piece of art. Lampworking or flame working is the art of melting and manipulating glass in very hot precise flames. Glass rods are melted and wound on a steel rod in the flame. The glass is shaped into hearts with many different types of tools or gravity. The hearts are then placed in a kiln to anneal. This is so the bead won't crack.




Mary Lorence then takes the lampwork hearts and handwraps them in sterling. This represents Healing Hearts Ministries' message from Isaiah 61:1-4 "Binding up the broken hearted". Most of the pendants also have three Swarovski crystals that represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

You are a unique gift from God. Enjoy this unique piece of wearable art.

10% of all sales will go towards funding of Healing Hearts Ministries International.


                                                                  Annie Shook                         Mary Lorence